WinSysClean X3

WinSysClean X3

Free up disk space by deleting unnecessary files and cleanup your registry
13.0.0 (See all)

WinSysClean X3 is a registry and disk cleaner utility. A few extra modules extend its capabilities so it’s also able to monitor the CPU, disk or memory usage with a simple graph, edit the Windows startup list, diagnose RAM and add some special shortcuts to the desktop.

The disk cleaner module is impressive for two reasons: it’s fast and it finds a lot of junk. Most probably, you will free up a few hundreds of megabytes of disk space. If your operating system has been installed a long time ago, you might even get rid of more than a gigabyte of unnecessary files.

Although this piece of software might seem complex, it’s not. The interface is designed in such a way to make it seem more complicated than it is. Therefore, this program is easy to use but it doesn’t give the user too many additional tools that he/she can use. For example, the system monitoring module displays exactly the same kind of graph like Windows Task Manager does, so it doesn’t add any value. When you click on the defragment tool icon, the application opens up Windows’ Disk Defragmenter, so, nothing additional here either, except maybe a convenient shortcut to an OS tool. So, to make a quick conclusion here, it’s not that this is a low quality piece of software, it’s just that besides the great modules it has, it also has a lot of fluff.

The best thing that this utility will do for you is free up a lot of disk space. Besides that, it will tidy up your system registry but this rarely has a strong impact on system performance.

Alexandru Andrei
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